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Although often in common usage, Celeram redefines many of the following standard industry terms to emphasize the real-time and high-performance nature of our solutions:

Boosting databases or data warehouses to deliver an extra performance kick is one of our specialities. Other companies offer “me too” products in the hope they will fit your organisation. Celeram look at your data problems holistically and design a speed plan tailored to your requirements.
Celeram can help securely scramble your valuable business data and backups so they are of no value to any interceptors. Data theft is big business — especially financial information — so help guard against it with a Celeram solution.
Entity-relational / relational
Databases have traditionally been relational in nature. Even with normalisation and indexing, data is duplicated or difficult to access, and this trade-off results in a performance hit. Entity-relational databases bypass this by never duplicating data and always being 100% normalised and 100% de-normalised at the same time (depending on which way you look at the data). That equates to less time worrying about the impact of schema design choices and more time making applications that work.
Grid computing
Utilising multiple processors or computers together to perform large computational tasks. Celeram’s solutions can help leverage these powerful resources and increase their efficiency. This is especially important in fields such as Life Sciences and physics research where every processor cycle counts.
In-memory / memory-resident
Traditional databases are disk-based and thus suffer throughput limitations and the overhead of seek times. Celeram specialise in databases that run, and are wholly resident, in RAM; using disk merely as a backup mechanism. Significant speed enhancements can be gained in this manner: hundreds of thousands – even millions – of transactions per second on modest hardware.
Malicious / non-malicious
Malicious use of your company’s information is usually characterized as people external to your organization breaking in. But this form of attack is now shadowed by people inside — disgruntled employees for example. If the attack is knowingly launched by someone within the organisation it is malicious; if it is unknowingly launched (e.g. through poor training or a simple administration error) it is non-malicious. Celeram can help secure your data from the inside under both these circumstances.
Unlike the traditional definition of a parser, Celeram treat parsing as an end-to-end system, taking raw data, encrypting it, splitting it into chunks (some of which are redundant) and transmitting it to the recipient, whereby it can be reconstructed.
Transaction rates so high, they need to be measured per second, not per minute. The industry standard TPC benchmarks do not apply to our databases because they are simply too fast.
Applications that work well in the 32-bit address space are often ported as-is to the 64-bit address space without understanding the important ramifications of the move. Migrating to 64-bit architecture is not a simple re-compile, but a re-think. Celeram understands this and only work with partners who can demonstrate rock-solid solutions designed for 64-bit and beyond.
As databases grow large, their response times increase and become unpredictable. Celeram are experts at making your data response times predictable for given database sizes.
Celeram’s database solutions are legendary at delivering live 24×7×52 systems running for years of uninterrupted operation.
Traditional databases and database acceleration techniques work to a point and then choke as data volumes increase. Celeram’s expertise lie in leveraging cutting edge, think-outside-the-box technology to allow timely responses for your data into the petabyte and beyond.
Celeram’s solutions often reference vast amounts of data such as:
  • Gigabyte (1000 Megabytes)
  • Terabyte (1000 Gigabytes)
  • Petabyte (1000 Terabytes)
  • Exabyte (1000 Petabytes)
Timely / real-time
The phrase “real-time” has become overused to the point that it is now meaningless. Many vendors claim their database operates in real-time, yet simple queries on a gigabyte-size database take minutes, hours or days to complete. Celeram’s approach is different: our solutions deliver a timely response, often independent of size and complexity. Furthermore, for a given a query complexity and database size, the response time is predictable and repeatable.
Also known as data security, Celeram can ensure data is secure from inside your organisation as well as from external attackers.