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Data management in the real world

As your database gets bigger, or busier, it will get slower. That’s simply a fact of life. This loss of performance can create problems in reliability, response time, user satisfaction, even security.

We think this situation is unacceptable in today’s world where data should be always available and response time should be guaranteed. It’s what your users expect.

Database slowing as it grows
This benchmark illustrates how database performance degrades with size and usage. Celeram solutions help solve this problem by maintaining a constant or improved performance as the database grows.

That’s why our database and cache solutions don’t focus on simply moving a relational database to a faster medium, such as memory or solid state disk. They approach data management in a new light to offer a step change in performance that remains constant regardless of the volume of data stored, and response times that are both predictable and lightning fast.

If you’re tired of waiting for your data, talk to us today and we’ll show you how to break free of the slow lane.