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ERDB is a memory-resident database that has been delivering superb performance — many times that of traditional database architectures such as Oracle and TimesTen — since 1984.

Ideally suited to telecomms, manufacturing, life sciences or the finance sectors where vast databases are the norm, ERDB releases your company from the constraints of poor disk-based performance and index management.

Designed for 24×7×52 operation, many customers have reported zero downtime in over eight years of continuous operation.

You could be forgiven for thinking all this power requires specialist hardware, yet ERDB will run on the most modest systems — even a desktop PC.

If you’re looking for a database to take your information to the next level of availability, move to a more scalable architecture where transactions are measured in many hundred thousands per second.


ERDB is optimised for speed and reliability. The following benchmarks demonstrate the performance boost from which large databases can benefit.

  • Benchmark jul 07 cover [ 364.54kB ]

    SQL Server vs ERDB

    Comparing ERDB performance against Microsoft SQL Server for a variety of standard queries on databases of varying size.
  • Benchmark 28GB cover [ 256.94kB ]

    28GB Relational DB vs ERDB

    Comparing ERDB against Microsoft SQL Server with a large 28Gb database.

White papers

ERDB was designed from the ground up to take advantage of the power of lists, rejecting the traditional relational database model. The following documents go into greater detail: