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Most organisations now have effective firewall technologies in place. Thus your data is probably secure from external attack, but is it safe from internal misuse?

Recent research shows that more damage is done by employees, former employees or disgruntled spouses than by external hackers.

Another major area of vulnerability is backups. What happens when the backup tapes are sent away for archiving? There have been many recent major breaches of security where customer information has been compromised, due to mistakes in backup management. Some of these inadequacies have led to court cases costing companies millions, not to mention the damage to their reputation.

Celeram offers a range of solutions to protect your on-site data from malicious or non-malicious internal activities. We can also secure your data by encrypting the data, so that even if the tapes get lost or the data intercepted, it is of no use to the finder.

Securing data on removable media is also fraught with difficulty. Encryption is one thing but providing a secure computing environment whlie the data is in use is something else entirely. That’s why we offer ViSOS, a complete secure environment that you can carry in your pocket and use on any computer in the world.

Contact us and let us help you select the best strategy for protecting your data from misuse.