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Unhackable mobile networks

Unhackable smartphone network security

If you thought totally secure communication was impossible, think again. New developments have redefined the capabilities of mobile telephony, bringing guaranteed security to calls and mailboxes.

An opportunity exists for selected mobile network operators to be the first in Europe capable of offering genuinely secure networks to their high-value customers. New security technology has been developed in the USA and is now being adopted by major businesses, for example in the Financial Services industry for protecting customer data, securing conversations with Third Parties, ensuring the integrity of stock trading transactions, defending against Insider Trading and maintaining the privacy of discussions with key Market Analysts.

The first European Operators that become able to offer this enhanced level of security in their networks will have the opportunity to capture and protect valuable major account contracts from their competitors. The business customers already taking up these contracts are prepared to pay a premium for the secure services.

The security problem

Customers have lost all confidence in the abilities of operators to secure their mobile phone communications, following a spate of well-publicised hacking scandals, which although they were only mailbox security problems, have created the perception that all mobile communications are insecure.

The hackers are moving faster than the operators. While all GSM calls are encrypted, this encryption method has now been cracked and the crack demonstrated at various conferences.

In December 2011, hackers demonstrated for the first time how they can bypass encryption to very easily listen to, intercept and hijack both voice and data calls

A higher level of security than standard GSM is available from various software suppliers, but unfortunately these rely on encryption methods which have now themselves been hacked

In short, the customers’ lack of faith in the security currently being offered is well justified. If an intruder really wants to hack their conversations or mailbox, they can do so quite easily. Security-sensitive users are looking for something better than the solutions currently on the market.

The security solution

The most secure method for securing any communications is acknowledged to be One Time Pad (OTP) Encryption.

One Time Pad has been proven to be impossible to crack, if used properly.

Until now, it has been impossible to offer OTP for mobile communications. We are pleased to announce that the technical problems have been solved and we are now deploying OTP ciphering of phone calls and mailbox messages in real-world applications. The security is offered by the operator, not by a third-party, so the customers’ confidence in the operator can be restored.

What to do

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