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RocIT Defender (running ViSOS)

As part of the RocIT range of products, ViSOS — the Virtual System On a Stick — answers the problem of how to not only secure information in case of data loss or theft, but how to ensure that sensitive data is not leaked while it is in use.

Imagine editing a document on a desktop PC. The application — for example Microsoft Word — and operating system leak information in the following ways:

  • temporary files
  • auto-save files
  • recent history
  • page file (virtual memory)
  • file fragments on hard drive — even after delete

In short, you have to be very thorough to not leave any trace.

But with ViSOS in your pocket you can simply plug it into any available USB port on your PC and boot it. After authentication — password or biometric, it’s your choice — ViSOS will load a completely secure, virtual operating system (Windows, if you wish) from which you can work.

Physical access to the host PC’s hard disk is shut off and everything — your apps and data — are run from, and encrypted on the stick. Once you log out of the virtual operating system as normal, no trace data is left on the host machine.

The stick can be loaded with your most common apps, and kept up-to-date by IT departments. With other products from the RocIT range you can also securely access and share online information via designated cloud resources, or limit secure (SSL) browser access to only a corporate whitelist of sites, employing X-509 certificates and authenticated login to those sites only if the stick is used.

The RocIT devices meet and exceed all security and regulatory requirements, including FIPS, STIG, DIACAP and DAR. If your company or agency need to protect data, talk to us about RocIT and ViSOS.